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Group a: history

It all started with...”the abstract group”

Group A was originally called “The Abstract Group” and was formed in 1944. The group was formed by noted artists Samuel Rosenberg, Balcomb Greene, Robert Lepper and Russell Twiggs. The founders were passionately interested in exploring the new trend toward abstract work. Frustrated by the reluctance of the Pittsburgh art establishment to recognize the rising tide of abstraction in 20th century modernism, they formed the group as a protest.

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By 1969, The Abstract Group members were pursuing a number of different styles and methods in their work, as a result the group was renamed Group A.

Group A has continued to exhibit regularly, becoming well-known as a small, but significant group that encourages experimentation among it’s members. Below is a video directed Donald Cheek, that outlines the group’s foundation and history with interviews, photographs, and highlights from two recent exhibition “Small Works” juried by Graham Shearing and “Entangled” juried by Christine Wheeler.

The video was created and released in celebration of Group A’s 75th anniversary.

Special thanks to Donald Cheek for his amazing work, and dedication, directing, editing, and filming this video.